The Ovatel saliva monitor has been completely redesigned for easier use than ever!

Redesigns include:

  • New, bigger unit – easy viewing!
  • New, fixed focus – no more guessing!
  • New, more powerful lens – see better than ever!
  • New, foolproof system – no more worries!

When you want to become pregnant fast, Ovatel is the first step in helping you achieve your goal. Timing intercourse is key to becoming pregnant. Studies show that having intercourse 2-3 days before ovulation offers
the highest chances of conception – up to 33% for a healthy couple!

For the best results, use Ovatel every day while charting your cycle on your MyCycleDiary chart. Charting your menstrual cycle for 3 consecutive months will enable you to know when you are ovulating so that you can become pregnant faster.

Step by step

  • step 11. Remove cap from Ovatel scope base.
  • step 22. Collect a small amount of fresh saliva from under your tongue with a clean finger.
  • step 33. Take the applicator stick and scoop up a small amount of saliva off of your finger.
  • step 44. Place the saliva in the center cavity/hole of your Ovatel scope, using your applicator stick. A 1mm by 1 mm drop (actual size) also shown on diagram) is all that is needed.
  • step 55. Allow the saliva to air dry completely for 30 minutes. Once dry, point the Ovatel scope toward a light source (window or light) and look through the lens to see the results.
  • step 66. Place the lens up to your eye. In order to see the ferning pattern better, simply move the Ovatel scope further away or closer to your eye as you look through it in the light.

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