Ovatel FAQ

How Accurate is Ovatel?

Ovatel has been researched and tested and is 95% accurate when used and interpreted correctly.

Are There Any Side Effects When Using Ovatel?

No, there are no side effects to the Ovatel scope. This monitor is 100% safe and natural and uses your own saliva. Since you do not ingest or inhale anything, there are no side effects to endure.

When Can I Use Ovatel?

You can use Ovatel any time and any day. You will want to wait 1-2 hours after eating, drinking, smoking, or brushing your teeth to get a good saliva sample.

Can I Get False Positive or Negative Results?

Yes, sometimes you can get results that are misleading. You can get incorrect results if:

  • You are taking certain prescription medications
  • Are pregnant or recently gave birth
  • In or entering Menopause
  • Eat, drink, smoke, or brush your teeth prior to testing
  • Do not use enough saliva
  • Use too much saliva
  • Dry your slide with artificial means – dryer, fan, or heat
  • Do not allow your saliva to fully air dry before reading

How Much Saliva Do I Need?

No, not much at all. Just enough to cover the end of the applicator. This will be an about 1 mm by 1 mm sample. You will place the saliva in the hole in the center of the lens to allow drying completely.

Do I Really Need To Allow My Sample To Dry All The Way?

Yes. If your sample is wet, you will not get a proper and accurate reading. It is the dried saliva that has the ferning crystal pattern you are looking for.

Can I Use My Hair Dryer On My Ovatel To Dry My Saliva?

No. The saliva must air dry to crystallize. Using artificial dryers such as fans or blow-dryers will over dry your sample and you will not get crystallization.

Why Am I Not Seeing Anything?

There are few reasons why you may not see anything. First, make sure your sample is totally dried before looking into the lens. You will also want to be in bright light, either a sunny window or bright lamp. Hold the lens in front of your eye and move it toward or away from your eye till you see something. Even if you do not see ferning, you should see something. If there is absolutely nothing there, try cleaning Ovatel and trying again. Make sure your sample is not too much or too little.

Why Am I Not Seeing Any Ferning?

Your Estrogen may not be surging at the time you start testing. Use Ovatel as directed for at least 20 days and if you are still not getting any ferning, make a note in your cycle diary. If you continue to not see a ferning pattern when using Ovatel as directed for more than 3 consecutive cycles, consult your doctor. You could have an underlying medical issue, such as anovulation or low estrogen.

Why Do I See Ferning All the Time?

There are some women who make higher amounts of Estrogen all the time. This could be for many reasons, including low Progesterone. The most common reason for prolonged ferning is pregnancy! If you continue to see ferns all through your cycle, you should see your health care professional.

How Should I Clean My Ovatel?

For best results, you should use a soft, damp cloth or lens cleaner to remove the dried saliva from the lens. To wipe dry, use cotton, micro fiber, or another soft towel or cloth. Do not use tissue, paper towels, or other abrasive materials, as this will scratch the lens. Do not submerge Ovatel under the water. This can cause trapped water to enter the viewing area. Before placing Ovatel back into the case, blow off any lingering fibers.

Can I Use Ovatel To Prevent Pregnancy?

No. While Ovatel can help you know what time of month you are fertile, it should never be used as birth control. Sperm can live up to 5 days in the female reproductive tract. Estrogen peaks approximately 24-48 hours prior to ovulation, when ferning occurs. If you have intercourse the day prior to ferning, you can get pregnant. Ovatel does not protect you against STDs – Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

Is Ovatel Approved By The FDA?

Ovatel has been registered and cleared by the FDA since January 2002.

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