The Ideal Ovulation Predictor Tool for Natural Family Planning

Ovatel reveals in advance the 5 day fertile window so you can plan conception

Uses saliva, not urine like most tests on the market

By knowing your 5 day fertile period IN ADVANCE, you can time intercourse and increase your chances of conceiving a baby when you want. Ovatel is 100% natural, reusable, simple instructions, fast, reliable, and extremely affordable compared to current non-reusable kits

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Ovatel predicts your 5 fertile days in advance
so you can time conception to increase your chances
of pregnancy.

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Comes with mobile phone clip attachement and easy to use phone app
so you can easily view your results and track your cycle

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Ovatel – The Ovulation Fertility Predictor most recommended by medical professionals and the # 1 bestselling Ovulation Monitor in the world!

Reference: Ovatel has been the device of choice for the Philippines’ government for their “Natural Family Planning Program” for five years.

Ovatel is a saliva ovulation test that helps you predict ovulation by identifying the estrogen content in the saliva. Estrogen surges just before the onset of ovulation. By looking through a uniquely designed lens, you can see the estrogen produce a ‘fern’ pattern that is very distinct and simple to spot. Once you see evidence of ‘ferning’, you can be sure that ovulation is just days ahead. Increase your chances of conception every time you try—with Ovatel!

Top reasons why you need Ovatel NOW!

  • Timing intercourse is everything – the only fertile days are the five days before and including the day of ovulation.
  • Ovatel reveals your five-day fertile period in advance improving your chances of conception.
  • Ovatel is 98% accurate increases your chance of becoming pregnant.
  • Ovatel is reusable. Buy it once reuse it every month.
  • 100% Natural no chemicals or urinating on a stick.
  • Ovatel is highly affordable, risk-free, and less costly than other single-use kits on the market.
  • Take the Ovatel test anytime, anywhere, it only takes a few seconds and results are seen in less than 15 minutes.
  • Accepted by all religions for Natural Family Planning and is superior to the Basal Body Temperature (BBT) system.
  • Urine ovulation kits and the BBT do not predict ovulation, they only identify it after it happens—which is too late!

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Using Ovatel increases your chances of conception. It’s so Easy!

Here’s how you do it–Collect a drop of saliva with a small stick provided (best place to collect is underneath the tongue). Place the saliva on the Ovatel lens …let dry completely …hold the lens to the light and view the patterns. If you are ovulating or about to ovulate …you can see the fern- like or crystal-like patterns on the lens. The more ferning that fills the saliva drop on the lens, the closer you are to ovulation

Once you start to see that you’ve entered your fertile period, it is recommended that couples have intercourse once every day for the entire fertile period …usually 5 days.
Healthy couples who do this will increase their chances of conceiving!!

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What women are saying about Ovatel

…My doctor recommended that I start using your Ovatel monitor and thought for the price I should. I absolutely loved it and I did not find it difficult to use at all. I’m a believer.

Vanessa Guida, New Jersey

…Ovatel really works wonders. I saw Ferning almost immediately after purchasing Ovatel and I must say it’s really amazing. Thank you Ovatel.

Joey Beauregards, Los Angeles, CA

…I tried Ovatel by chance and I’m happy I did, it really worked and a few months later I got pregnant.

Rachel Dinano, Houston, TX

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