Ferning – What the Heck Am I Looking At?

Ovatel is the easiest and most sophisticated ovulation prediction devices on the market for women trying to get pregnant today. It offers you the chance to know exactly when your most fertile period is, so you can get pregnant in a much faster time frame. The ovulation predictor also is cost effective, as you do not have to buy more and more sticks each cycle, as it uses your saliva to track your fertility.

The Ovatel monitor is actually easy to read, once you get familiar with it. When you are fertile, your saliva will contain estrogen that will cause a ferning pattern. It is the ferning pattern that you are looking for to give you the green light for fertility. The first cycle you may seem confused if you have never seen the ferning pattern before. You may even think something is wrong when you do not see it when you thought you should. Rest assured, that as long as you keep using the monitor, you will learn everything about ferning you need to know and will become an expert in no time. Once you see it once, you will know what it is.

Reading Ferning and Understanding It

Your success and ease is due to how easily you can read and understand what ferning looks like for you. Not every woman can expect the same results. There are many pictures and examples of what to look for, but your s could still look different. It is not uncommon to have to use your monitor every month for a few cycles to really learn how to use it right. Do not get discouraged if you do not see the ferning pattern right away. You may not be ovulating when you first start using the Ovatel.

What you can do while you are figuring it out is to examine what you should see. Chart on something like MyCycleDiary what you see each day. This will help you to see a pattern each cycle in black and white. Make sure to look at the many images as to what looks closest to yours. While you may never see the exact image in the photo, as time goes on, you will learn what is fertile for you.

Practice always makes perfect. The more you look at your own Ovatel each cycle, the more you will see what is normal for you when it comes to ferning. The crystal pattern is not the same for every woman.

Irregular Patterns

Have you been using your Ovatel for a few months and not getting consistent results? Irregular patterns can mean a variety of things. The first thing you need to think about is if you are not using the monitor correctly. No smoking, eating, or drinking prior to testing, as it can really mess up your results, and the Ovatel needs to be used correctly in order to help you get pregnant. If you have not been seeing a onetime ferning pattern that lasts between 2-5 days, then you may want to talk to your doctor.

Each month your estrogen should build and cause a pattern to form when your saliva dries. This means that the egg you are making is becoming mature and ready for ovulation. This ovum is what will combine with sperm to make your baby. If you are not seeing the ferning pattern build or are getting results that are not recommended, then you could have issues that are stopping ovulation.

You always want to talk to your health care provider when you see results of this type. It could mean you have fertility issues, or a simple hormone imbalance. No matter what the reason, early intervention is always best.

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