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Trying to get pregnant can be one of the most stressful endeavors for couples. What if you do not fall pregnant right away? What if something is not working right? How would you know if you had fertility problems? Too many questions and doubts can leave couples more stressed out than happy about trying for a child.

The best advice one can give when starting out in the trying to conceive journey is to do what you can to improve your chances right from the start. This will mean that you will want to know all about your cycles, when you are most fertile, and if your body is doing what it should. Conceive Plus is a sperm friendly lubricant that is made to mimic a woman’s natural bodily fluids.

The Benefits

One of the most important benefits to Conceive Plus is that it actually safe and formulated to be used while actively trying to get pregnant. It is great for sperm motility and viability. This means it will help them to swim to where they need to go and survive monger in the hostility of the vagina. It is designed to act like fertile cervical mucus. This is important, as it is the cervical mucus that makes it so the sperm can get into the cervical canal and eventually the uterus. If a woman has hostile cervical mucus, it can kill the sperm and not allow them to fertilize the egg.

The Conceive Plus lubricant is electrolyte balanced to match natural bodily fluids. It is also the only sperm friendly lubricant out there that contains Calcium and Magnesium ions. These specific ions are essential for fertilization and cell viability. There are also no complex sugars in this lubricant that can cause difficulty and interruption with fertilization. This makes it ideal for timing intercourse with your most fertile window.

If you want to be sure that you get the most out of your baby making sessions, then you will want to make sure that your body is receptive and friendly for sperm. In order for the little swimmers to perform they must have very specific electrolytes present and be in an environment with extremely strict ranges of pH and other natural parameters.

When to Use

Unlike other lubricants, you only need to use the Conceive Plus when you are most fertile. To know when your fertile window is, you will want to use the Ovatel fertility scope. What the fertility monitor will tell you is the time of your cycle you are most likely to get pregnant. This is the time that leading up to ovulation or the release of the egg. You will begin to use your sperm friendly lubricant once the Ovatel scope shows the fertile ferning pattern. You will start to time intercourse during this window to optimize your chances of falling pregnant.

To use the lubricant, you will want to put a bit on your finger or in your hand and then apply it either on the penis, inside the vagina, or both. Unlike many other lubricants, you can feel free to use as much as you are comfortable with. Many other sperm friendly lubricants can take away from the pleasure of love-making; this brand is designed to aid in pleasure as well as fertility.

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