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Ovatel – The most advanced and accurate, ovulation saliva monitor! It tells you up to 5 days in advance that you are fertile. This makes it so you can time intercourse to make sure the sperm finds the egg.

A ‘must-have’ for all woman trying to get pregnant fast.

  • Gives you a 5 day fertility window
  • Allows you to know before-hand that ovulation is coming
  • Re-usable, portable, trackable on our App
  • No more Basal Body Temperature (BBT) charts or urinating on a stick

What is it?

Ovatel is a Saliva Ovulation Monitor that is 98% accurate. It helps you determine when you’re in your fertile period, which is the 5 days before ovulation. The importance of knowing in advance is that once ovulation (egg release) occurs, fertility plummets. You have to have the sperm around before the egg is released.

Why you need it?

Ovulation is difficult to detect, Ovatel makes it easier. The Ovatel fertility monitor allows you to measure whether you are in your fertile period each day of your cycle. This enables you to get pregnant easier as you are able to time intercourse correctly. Believe it or not it is not easy to get pregnant. In fact, it is estimated that there is a mere 20% chance each month that you will become pregnant. Ovatel increases those chances by limiting timing errors.

Why we recommend it?

Ovatel is lightweight, reusable, and portable. This makes it much easier to use at anytime and anywhere than other types of monitors that use sticks and urine.

The Ovatel monitor can also be used every month you are trying to conceive without having to buy new supplies or kits.

The Ferning method of timing intercourse has been around since the 1940s and is still considered one of the most reliable ways to determine your fertility window accurately. Ferning means the hormones in your saliva display a distinctive pattern that looks like fern leaves and can be seen easily with Ovatel.

Experts recommend that you have timed intercourse at least once per day during this fertile window as long as there are no known male factor issues. Doing so will significantly increase the chances of getting pregnant within a cycle.

How to use it?

Simply swab your saliva every day with your finger, apply it to the slide, and look for ferning crystals which lets you know when you’re in your five-day fertile period.

The test takes about less than 2 seconds to perform and 30 minutes to see if ferning is present. Each day after the first view of ferning marks the beginning of your fertile period.

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