What is Ovatel?

What is Ovatel?

OvaTel is a mini-microscope designed to allow a woman to see if or when she is fertile. This fertility monitor and predictor uses saliva instead of urine to determine when you are close to ovulation. You look through the mini scope to identify a specific crystallization pattern in dried saliva that occurs due to hormones released prior to the time before ovulation.

The Ovatel Design

The Ovatel design is sleek and compact. Included is your cover, your base, your lens, and your saliva applicator and now your mobile phone clip and downloaded app. The lens and applicator fit neatly into the base and the cover is simply snapped into place. This allows Ovatel to travel discretely in your purse to be used anywhere and at anytime.

OvaTel is durable and does not have electrical components that will break when accidentally dropped in water or on the ground. There are no batteries to replace or dip sticks to buy, so you will not be spending ongoing money each cycle until you get pregnant. Your mini scope works by holding the lens up to a light source, such as a window or lamp.

The Science behind Ovatel

OvaTel works like any other microscope but is smaller. It’s really more like a very strong magnifying glass. Your sample is magnified by the lens so that you can see your fertile ferning pattern. This monitor uses saliva to test for fertility.

Estrogen in a woman’s body is transmitted to the saliva from the blood stream and causes a reaction that makes her saliva crystallize upon drying when her levels are gradually increasing and then peaking on the day of ovulation. Putting a sample on the microscope and allowing it to air dry will allow a woman to see if she is entering her fertile period. Your Ovatel fertility monitor has a 54x magnification lens that allows you to see these crystals clearly.

Simply put a sample of saliva on the lens, wait for it to air dry completely, and look through the lens by holding it up to a light source. You will be able to see if you have ferning, which will continue to increase in quantity until the day of ovulation a simple and effective at-home fertility test!

Why Ovatel!

There are many reasons to use Ovatel. This fertility scope is the most affordable ovulation predictor test on the market today. It is 100% natural and safe with 98% accuracy for determining your fertile period. This scope uses absolutely no urine, so it is sanitary enough to carry anywhere.
Other reasons why Ovatel is the #1 fertility predictor and monitor are:

  • Extremely Durable, – Will not break.
  • No batteries to replace – Ever! Uses natural or artificial light.
  • No switches or buttons to break.
  • Discrete & Convenient.
  • Includes a Clear & Easy to understand illustrated instruction booklet.
  • Reusable -One time purchase with a lifetime of usage.
  • Made of high quality materials.
  • Can be used with NFP (Natural Family Planning), which is endorsed by all major religions.
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