The Ovatel saliva monitor has been completely redesigned for easier use!

Redesigns include:

  • New, bigger unit – easy to hold and view!
  • New, fixed focus – no more squinting!
  • New, more powerful lens – see clearer images!
  • New, foolproof system – no more guessing!
  • New, Mobile phone clip – view, save and share your results!
  • New, iOS and Android app – view, chart, use the calendar to track your cycle!

When you want to become pregnant fast, Ovatel is the first step in helping you achieve your goal. Timing intercourse is the key to becoming pregnant. Studies show that having intercourse daily for 2-3 days before ovulation results in the highest chances of conception – up to 33% for a healthy couple!

For the best results, use Ovatel every day while charting your cycle on your Ovatel App. Charting your menstrual cycle for 3 consecutive months will enable you to know when you are most likely to ovulate so that you become pregnant faster.

Step by step

  • step 1
    1. Remove cap from the Ovatel scope base.
  • step 2
    2. Collect a small amount of fresh saliva from under your tongue with a clean finger.
  • step 3
    3. Take the applicator stick and rub the saliva off of your finger.

Using Light Source

  • step 4
    4. Place the applicator stick with saliva in the center cavity of your Ovatel lens on the base of the scope, A 1mm by 1 mm drop (actual size) is shown on diagram) That’s all you need!
  • step 5
    5. Allow the saliva to air-dry completely for 30 minutes. Once dry, point the Ovatel scope toward a light source (window or light) and look through the lens to see the results. Refer to the diagrams for the ferning pattern.
  • step 6
    6. Place the lens up to your eye. In order to see the ferning pattern better, simply move the Ovatel lens further away or closer to your eye as you look towards the light. Record the results on your app or cycle diary.

Using Clip with Mobile Phone

  • step 7
    7. Push the lens our of the base of your Ovatel unit.
  • step 8
    8. Snap the black lens eyepiece into the clip like image below.
  • step 9.1.
    9.1. Align the center of the lens to the very center of your mobile phone camera.
  • step 9.2.
    9.2. The center of the lens must be aligned perfectly with the center of the cameral phone lens.
  • 10. Point the camera and lens up to a light source, depending on your light source (window, lamp) you might need to move the camera around until you find the perfect light source to see the saliva sample clearly. Once you have the correct amount of light, wait for the camera to focus on the saliva sample, you may need to tap the phone screen to focus on the sample. Once you have the saliva sample in focus take the picture.
    Once the picture is taken then you can enlarge the image.
  • 11. Using the Ovatel app makes taking a picture easy as well as comparing that picture to sample pictures to help you determine which phase you are in cycle.
    step 11
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