Testimonial Emails

“I really like it so far. It’s way easier than the pee ovulation tests.”
– Christina, CA, November, 2017

“I think Ovatel is super fascinating.”
– Carrie, NV, November, 2017

“Incredible, I knew I was pregnant 5 days before my usual pregnancy test revealed my pregnancy. Thank you ovatel.”
– Alexia, NC, September 2017

“…I tried Ovatel by chance and I’m happy I did, it really worked and a few months later I was pregnant.”
– Rachel Dinano., Houston, TX. November, 2017

“Hello, I just wanted to say thank you so much and to let you know that Ovatel really worked for me. I was ttc for almost a year and after so much frustration I decided to buy your scope. Turns out that I was just not having sex on the right day. When I would start to see fern I would plan with my husband and by the second month we got it right and got pregnant. I’m telling all my ttc friends to use your scope it just makes sense.”
– Jessica Fishman., Boca Raton, FL. November, 2017

“…Sorry for the super long email but I needed to thank you for having such an amazing product on the market. I was trying to conceive for about six months before I saw my doctor she told me to keep trying for 6 more months then to come back. I decided to be proactive and figure this all out myself. I found your product online via a google search and after using your product for 3 months I noticed that I would never fern. Your staff was very helpful when I thought I was using the product incorrectly. I was getting so frustrated and your team really helped me get through it. After month three your nurse Kimmie told me it was time to go to the doctors. I went to the doctor and explained that I wasn’t seeing any Ferning she (my doctor) was a little reluctant to test me further but I made her do it and lone and behold I’m not ovulating. I have a condition called Anovulation and it can be treated with hormone therapy. I wanted you to know that your team is really excellent and now I’m still using Ovatel everyday to see if there will be any Ferning. I’m very hopeful that very soon it will happen. If it wasn’t for your product I would of had to wait another six months before starting the infertility treatment process. I wish I had known about your product before, but better late than never. Again thank you and thank your team as they were really amazing.”
– Veronica Campis, Maine. November, 2017

“…My doctor recommended that I start using your Ovatel monitor and thought for the price I should. I absolutely loved it and I did not find it difficult to use at all. I’m a believer.”
– Vanessa Guida., New Jersey. September, 2017

“Thank you, thank you, thank you Ovatel.”
– Kristine Kohlmire., Daytona, Fl. September, 2017

“…Ovatel has been very useful to me and I’m very pleased with its simplicity. I will use it again.”
– Eloise Gusman, Mandeville, LA. September, 2017

“This is just a note to thank you personally for this amazing product. I’m thrilled to report that I have a positive pregnancy test as of today. It took three months but we did it. Thank you again.”
– Josephine Bonnet., NYC, NY August, 2017

“…Prior to learning about Ovatel I was using the ovulation urine test. I must say that the saliva method is much much better. It took me about a week to finally understand how this works but once you see the fern for the first time it all makes sense and it’s easy to use. I showed my best friend how to use it and now we’re both on the path of becoming pregnant.”
– Eileen Zieff., Brighton, MA June, 2017

“Ovatel is AWESOME!!!! It’s so weird that I can know when I’m ovulating with my saliva but heck, weirder things exist. I’m really bad at remembering to use products when you’re supposed to so Ovatel is really good for me cause it really doesn’t matter when you use it. I could never remember to use the pee test first thing in the morning cause I’m half asleep so ovatel is really good for me.”
– Julie Borbett, Tallahassee, FL. June, 2017

“…Ovatel really works wonders. I saw Ferning almost immediately after purchasing Ovatel and I must say it’s really amazing. Thank you Ovatel.”
– Joey Beauregards, Los Angeles, CA. June, 2017

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