Why Ovatel!

There are many reasons to use Ovatel. This fertility scope is the most affordable ovulation predictor test on the market today. It is 100% natural and safe with 98% accuracy for determining your fertile period. This mini-microscope uses saliva, which is easier and more sanitary to collect than urine.

More reasons why Ovatel is the #1 fertility scope and monitor are:

  • It tells you when you are fertile in advance of ovulation—unlike other kits that use urine.
  • Extremely Durable and Portable– Will not break.
  • No batteries or electricity! Uses natural or artificial light.
  • No switches or buttons to break.
  • Discrete & Convenient.
  • Includes a Clear & Easy to understand illustrated instruction booklet.
  • Reusable – One time purchase with a lifetime of usage.
  • Made of the highest quality materials engineered in the United States.
  • Can be used with NFP (Natural Family Planning), which is accepted by all major religions.
  • Forget the Basal Body Temperature morning hassle, Use Ovatel any time of the day.
  • Can be useful to monitor other hormonal conditions or prompt a medical evaluation if ferning is never seen (not ovulating) or always present (possible polycystic ovarian syndrome.)
Disclaimer: We are not, nor do we claim to be, medical professionals. Any opinions on this page or within this website are just that (opinions). If you are in need of professional medical advice, please consult your doctor.