Having the Birth You Want

The ideal part of motherhood for many women includes the right birth experience. This will be the first time that you will meet your precious new baby and it is very common to want it all to go perfect. While no one can promise you that you will have the exact birth you desire, there are things you can do to help to make sure that it is in the plan.

Ovatel can help you figure out how to make a good birth plan, find a great support network, and encourage you to take care of yourself to make sure that you have a good chance at delivering like you want to.

Healthy Choices Give You Healthy Options

There are so many things you need to think about prior to conception. While you are charting your cycles with MyCycleDiary, you should also be thinking about what type of lifestyle you are leading. The better your health before you get pregnant, the more likely you are to have a very uneventful pregnancy and birth. This means that you would want to begin prenatal vitamins, taking extra Folic Acid, eating better, drinking less, no smoking, and getting exercise regularly.

The more fit you are and the more you take care of your body and mind, the easier your pregnancy can be which would include your delivery. This can even be true for those who have had previous caesarian sections. These are known as VBAC – vaginal birth after c-section – and can be done when under the care of the right medical professional.

Choosing the Right Team for You

When it comes to proper prenatal care, you have two options – Midwife and OB. What you choose can depend on the type of birth you want, insurance, previous medical history, whether you are high risk or not, and what you feel the most comfortable with.

If you are looking for a birth with few medical procedures and from the view point that birth is natural and rarely needs intervention, then you might be more interested in a Midwife. Midwives look at the pregnancy and birthing process from a natural point of view. You will likely not have any or only one ultrasound, will only have the necessary tests to determine fetal health and yours. You will be highly encouraged to have a natural deliver with little medical intervention. This means that medications to help with pain will be discouraged and having a birth partner to help you through will be encouraged.

There are some midwives who will even deliver your baby at home for you. These births are for those with no risk factors and excellent bill of health throughout the pregnancy. For those who do not qualify for a home birth, Midwives also deliver in birthing centers and hospitals. This is for those who have stricter insurances or other issues that can make home birthing risky. Even when you deliver in a facility, you can still have a wonderful and natural birth. Many places offer water birthing options and will allow you to deny any interventions.

If you are at higher risk or are more comfortable with your doctor, then an OB might be for you. An OB will be more apt to do regular ultrasounds and testing if you want it or need it. They will also not discourage you from using pain medications during delivery. Many OBs are also willing to do VBACs and encourage women to do them if they can, as the recovery time is less than for C-sections.

The benefit to having an OB is that if you are high risk and need medical intervention, you will be seen and treated by your own doctor with whom you are familiar. You can also get a doula – person who advocates for your wishes to be carried out during labor, when you cannot advocate for yourself. The doula will help you through the pain of labor and delivery while respecting your birth plan and making sure it is followed, with the exception of a medical emergency.

Have a Birth Plan

The Birth Plan can sound funny, but can be your best friend when you are no longer able to speak when in labor. There are many things that one can add to a birth plan that will make it clear even before you are in labor, what you want. Several websites can give you a sample as to what one may look like and what to include. The key is to include any and all medical procedures that you do not want to happen unless an emergency for both you and baby. These can include:

Mom –

  • No IV
  • No medication during labor
  • Water birth
  • Walking during labor
  • Family and friends present
  • Able to catch baby
  • Have oneself or other parent cut cord
  • Prolonged cord clamping
  • Skin to skin immediately


Baby –

  • No eye ointment
  • No heel stick
  • No vaccines
  • Immediate contact with mother’s skin
  • Immediate breastfeeding
  • Room in with mother

Anything that means a lot to you should be in your birth plan. While there is no way to predict what can happen, you can be prepared for what you would like to happen in the event of a perfect birth. You can state under what conditions you will allow the medical people to intervene and have other people there to advocate for you.

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