Ferning – What the Heck Am I Looking At?

Ovatel is the easiest and most sophisticated ovulation prediction devices on the market for women trying to get pregnant today. It offers you the chance to know exactly when your most fertile period is, so you can get pregnant in a much faster time frame. The ovulation predictor also is cost effective, as you do not have to buy more and more sticks each cycle, as it uses your saliva to track your fertility.

The Ovatel monitor is actually easy to read, once you get familiar with it. When you are fertile, your saliva will contain estrogen that will cause a ferning pattern. It is the ferning pattern that you are looking for to give you the green light for fertility. The first cycle you may seem confused if you have never seen the ferning pattern before. You may even think something is wrong when you do not see it when you thought you should. Rest assured, that as long as you keep using the monitor, you will learn everything about ferning you need to know and will become an expert in no time. Once you see it once, you will know what it is.
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Getting Pregnant After Tubal Reversal

There are so many women and couples that think they are done having children, to later decide that they want more. There are several reasons that one may change their mind down the road. The most common reason for a tubal reversal is remarrying. While no one should go into a tubal reversal with the thought that someday it can be undone, it is possible and many women have a great success rate.

The key to a successful pregnancy post tubal reversal is to act fast. There is a possibility of scar tissue build up that can make getting pregnant harder and harder as time passes. Once your doctor tells you that you are healed and ready, it is time to get started.
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Fertility Food Tip # 2

Fertility Food Tip: Eat Organic As Much As Possible!

By eating organic, you avoid artificial additives and preservatives, pesticides, chemicals and other potentially harmful substances that find their way into our modern food. These substances can take a toll on your body and fertility! Conventionally raised meat, for example, can contain growth hormones that affect our own hormones negatively, as well as antibiotics, additives and preservatives. You don’t want any of that in your system while you’re nurturing your body for a baby! So eat organic and remember that you and your body deserve it right now!

By Cindy Bailey, author of The Fertile Kitchen® Cookbook: Simple Recipes for Optimizing Your Fertility (www.fertilekitchen.com)

#1 Fertility Food Tip From The Fertile Kitchen

Fertility Food Tip:   Eat Your Beans!

Beans are one of the best foods for fertility available. Not only are they packed with protein, fiber and important nutrients such as calcium, iron and potassium, but they also contain a high percentage of folate (a B vitamin), which boosts fertility in both men and women and helps prevent neural tube defects at birth. Beans are also low in fat, good for digestion and a great source of antioxidants, so eat your beans!

By Cindy Bailey, author of The Fertile Kitchen™ Cookbook: Simple Recipes for Optimizing Your Fertility (www.fertilekitchen.com)

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