Ferning – What the Heck Am I Looking At?

Ovatel is the easiest and most sophisticated ovulation prediction devices on the market for women trying to get pregnant today. It offers you the chance to know exactly when your most fertile period is, so you can get pregnant in a much faster time frame. The ovulation predictor also is cost effective, as you do not have to buy more and more sticks each cycle, as it uses your saliva to track your fertility.

The Ovatel monitor is actually easy to read, once you get familiar with it. When you are fertile, your saliva will contain estrogen that will cause a ferning pattern. It is the ferning pattern that you are looking for to give you the green light for fertility. The first cycle you may seem confused if you have never seen the ferning pattern before. You may even think something is wrong when you do not see it when you thought you should. Rest assured, that as long as you keep using the monitor, you will learn everything about ferning you need to know and will become an expert in no time. Once you see it once, you will know what it is.
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Having the Birth You Want

The ideal part of motherhood for many women includes the right birth experience. This will be the first time that you will meet your precious new baby and it is very common to want it all to go perfect. While no one can promise you that you will have the exact birth you desire, there are things you can do to help to make sure that it is in the plan.

Ovatel can help you figure out how to make a good birth plan, find a great support network, and encourage you to take care of yourself to make sure that you have a good chance at delivering like you want to.
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Babies after a Vasectomy Reversal

While no doctor will ever encourage one to get a vasectomy with the idea of reversing it in the future, it can be done. Many couples today find that they truly believe they are done having children, or a man might think he never wants children, or he might have gotten the procedure done in his first marriage and remarried. No matter what the reason, you can be successful at getting pregnant after a vasectomy. In fact, many men go on to father many children after a vasectomy reversal.

There is no guarantee that the surgery will be a success or not, but it does not hurt to try. There are many specialists who are in this specific field and can perform the surgery successfully. While you might have to contact an urologist first, most often a micro-surgeon will do the actual procedure.
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Surviving Infertility – Riding the Emotional Roller Coaster

If you have been actively trying to conceive for more than a year with no luck, you be facing infertility. Many couples are going through what you are and you may have known even earlier than the 12 month mark that something was not right.

Many women who use Ovatel and charting to understand their cycles better will recognize sooner than women who do not that they may be facing issues surrounding ovulation where they cannot get pregnant without help. This realization can be very hard to handle emotionally. There are also women who have perfect cycles and still are not getting pregnant. This could mean that is their partner that may have the fertility issues. No matter which partner has the issue, it is heavy on the heart and head.
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Getting Pregnant After Tubal Reversal

There are so many women and couples that think they are done having children, to later decide that they want more. There are several reasons that one may change their mind down the road. The most common reason for a tubal reversal is remarrying. While no one should go into a tubal reversal with the thought that someday it can be undone, it is possible and many women have a great success rate.

The key to a successful pregnancy post tubal reversal is to act fast. There is a possibility of scar tissue build up that can make getting pregnant harder and harder as time passes. Once your doctor tells you that you are healed and ready, it is time to get started.
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Female Health – Ovatel not for Just Getting Pregnant

When most people hear the word “Ovatel,” they think about getting pregnant or TTCing. The truth is that Ovatel in conjunction with MyCycleDiary can tell you so much more about your overall health. There are many reasons you would want to track your cycles. The most important is disease. There are many disorders that can throw off your cycle and you want to catch them early.

Using Ovatel and MyCycleDiary to track your cycles each month is very easy and will allow you to spot any changes that could mean that you are in need of medical treatment.
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Infertility Medications and Ovatel

There are many couples all around the world who are suffering with infertility. Many of these couples will undergo some type of fertility treatment during their journey. When undergoing infertility treatments, most doctors want you to monitor your cycles in their office and at home. This means using a fertility monitor and charting to see if the medications are working and when ovulation is about to occur.

What you will be asked to use will depend on what medications you are on and how they could affect the results of your monitoring. Many medications can skew the results of urine tests and so a monitor such as Ovatel can be a much better choice.
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Herbal Supplementation for Conception

When it comes to conception, you want to be at your best before you start. This means that you need to make sure that you are not on any medications that can cause adverse side effects to your growing baby. Since some medications need time to get out of your body or need to be weaned slowly, you are better to start the process as soon as you decide you want to get pregnant.

Always be sure to contact your doctor before stopping any medications. Some medications may be better if you stay on, as the benefits outweigh the risks. Other medications can be stopped and herbal supplements and dietary changes can help give the same effects as if you were still on the medication, except it is all natural and safe.
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Trying to Conceive After Pregnancy Loss

Pregnancy loss is one of the hardest things a woman can go through in her life. When you are trying to get pregnant and finally see those two pink lines, the thought of losing that dear baby rarely crosses your mind. When the pregnancy is lost, you will find yourself in a plethora of emotions that can range from depression to anger to sadness.

You can find yourself in a place where you want to be pregnant again immediately, or want to take a long break before trying again. Depending on the type of loss and how far along you were when you lost the baby, your doctor will help you understand how long it will take to physically heal. The mental healing can vary from woman to woman.
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Ovatel Pregnancy Prediction

The Ovatel fertility monitor can not only help you get pregnant, it can tell you if you are pregnant after ovulation has occurred. Never before have you been able to use the same device that you would use to predict your fertile window as a pregnancy test as well. The benefits are endless.

Ovatel uses saliva to detect when ovulation is getting ready to occur. It also uses saliva to detect pregnancy. This means that you will not have to waste money on expensive test strips until you are sure that pregnancy is likely.
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