Herbal Supplementation for Conception

When it comes to conception, you want to be at your best before you start. This means that you need to make sure that you are not on any medications that can cause adverse side effects to your growing baby. Since some medications need time to get out of your body or need to be weaned slowly, you are better to start the process as soon as you decide you want to get pregnant.

Always be sure to contact your doctor before stopping any medications. Some medications may be better if you stay on, as the benefits outweigh the risks. Other medications can be stopped and herbal supplements and dietary changes can help give the same effects as if you were still on the medication, except it is all natural and safe.

Improving Health with Herbs

Herbal treatments have been used in conception for centuries. In fact, Eastern medicine is a common treatment plan for those with fertility issues. If you are looking to help your chances at a fast and successful conception, you have an array of herbal supplements that you can try to help you and your partner.

If you have been feeling a bit anxious about conception, the herb Kava Kava can help you. It quiets the mind and allows for your brain to stay calm and well focused. St. John’s Wort can help you stay in good spirits and keep you from feeling depressed while to embark on your TTC journey. There are also many other types of herbs that can help to detoxify your liver, and help to promote a healthy body and mind. You can even use an at home heavy metal test kit to make sure that you and your partner are not contaminated.

Always make sure that before you start any new herbal remedy that you first are sure that you are not currently on any over the counter or prescription medications that could be contraindicated. Even though herbs are natural, they can still be harmful if not taken correctly or with the wrong medications. When I doubt, contact a naturopath or herbalist for help. Most will be more than willing to help you figure out what is best and how to take it.

Herbal Fertility Treatments

Not only can you take herbs to keep you healthy, there are also many herbs that actually help you get pregnant. These herbs will vary between women and men, but are available to aid both.

Herbs such as Black Cohosh and Vitex have been known to help women ovulate. They even have been known to help women with PCOS get pregnant. Goat’s Rue is an herbal treatment that helps lower testosterone in women. This can greatly affect a woman’s ability to get and stay pregnant. Lowering this level naturally can allow a woman to successfully ovulate on her own.

There are also fertility herbal blends for both men and women. They aid in enhancing both reproductive systems to be sure that they are at their best. For women it encourages estrogen production, this is essential for a mature and healthy egg to be formed. Fertility blends for men will enhance testosterone production and increase sperm count and health.

It takes about 3 months for results to be seen when using herbs. They do not have an immediate effect as prescription medications. If you want to see if you are responding to the increase in estrogen, you can simply use the Ovatel fertility monitor to check for the ferning pattern that is formed when you are fertile.

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