Ovatel Pregnancy Prediction

The Ovatel fertility monitor can not only help you get pregnant, it can tell you if you are pregnant after ovulation has occurred. Never before have you been able to use the same device that you would use to predict your fertile window as a pregnancy test as well. The benefits are endless.

Ovatel uses saliva to detect when ovulation is getting ready to occur. It also uses saliva to detect pregnancy. This means that you will not have to waste money on expensive test strips until you are sure that pregnancy is likely.

The Science behind Pregnancy Prediction

To understand how the Ovatel fertility monitor can be used as a pregnancy test, first you need to know how it works. As your cycle progresses and you get closer to ovulation, your body makes more estrogen. This estrogen runs through your entire body. When it hits your ovaries it tells the follicles to grow and mature. When it hits your mouth it turns to a salt that when put on a microscope makes a ferning pattern.

The ferning pattern that results from the increase in estrogen right prior to ovulation only happens if you are going to ovulate. Once the egg is released, the estrogen drops and your ferning pattern will disappear. This is because progesterone takes over after ovulation has already occurred in order to make the uterine lining sticky and thick for the egg to implant.

Once the embryo implants into the uterine lining, it starts to make hCG. This tells the body to begin to make more progesterone and estrogen. Estrogen then can be found in the saliva again and ferning will return. Most women who had ferning disappear after ovulation and had it return 5-7 days later, ended up finding out they were indeed pregnant using a urine or blood test.

Benefits of Using Ovatel for All Purposes

Trying to get pregnant can be very emotionally consuming. It also can get expensive if you are buying several urine tests each cycle. Most women will use at least 7 urine ovulation prediction sticks and at least 2 home pregnancy tests. This can become costly.

Ovatel offers a reliable way to measure your fertility window as well as if you are pregnant without costing you a fortune. You would simply buy your Ovatel scope once and then use it every day. There are no sticks to buy or replace constantly. This will save you a ton of money, yet give you the accurate reading you are looking for to time intercourse right.

Once you know ovulation is complete, you can then continue to use your monitor to see if your ferning returns. This will save you money on home pregnancy tests. If you see the ferning pattern return, then you can pee on a stick to confirm you are pregnant. If you do not see the ferning pattern return, then you do not have to waste a test and your money.

More Ferning but Not Pregnant

Under normal conditions you should not get ferning more than one time in your cycle, unless you end up pregnant. Your ferning should also be consistent, not random. When you are entering your fertile window your estrogen will be rising smoothly. This will give you a ferning pattern for a few days in a row. Once the ferning stops showing on your monitor, you now know you are finished ovulating. If you see the full ferning reappear in approximately 6 days post ovulation, you could be pregnant and should take a test.

There are women who find that they get more than one bought of ferning in any given cycle. This can mean a few things. If you find you are getting a ferning pattern then it disappears to only return a few days later, then you could have estrogen issues. Other signs are no ferning at all and random ferning with no periods. If you have been using your Ovatel correctly and find you get several patches of ferning per cycle, you may want to consult your doctor or try an at home saliva hormone testing kit to see what your hormones are doing.

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