Myths & Facts: Fertility Edition

Okay! Everyone got their buzzers out? Do we have a pretty woman in a long sparkly dress ready to gesture to things? Is a cheering audience in place? Good, because today’s edition of Myths and Facts is about fertility. So make keep a scorecard, assure yourself you know the answer before you’ve read it, and then if you get it wrong—swear you knew the right answer all along anyways. (We all heard you.)

…and BEGIN!


Mumps Will Make You Infertile

Although the mumps vaccine has been around for a while, some adolescents may still have developed it. Deep breath, ladies. If you had mumps as a child, your eggs are safe. However, if hubby had mumps, he might need to see his doctor about sperm analysis.

Fertility Problems Begin at 35

True—and false. ““A women’s fertility peaks at about age 27 and drops off more rapidly after 35. It’s ok to wait but be forewarned that waiting holds its own consequences.” Says Dr. Peress.

Just because your possibilities are slimmer, doesn’t mean it’s impossible to get pregnant. Take this story for example.

Ovulation Occurs on Day 14

Every woman is different, and so is their cycle. If we could time our cycles down to the minute, than no one would ever have to trash their favorite undies from surprise attacks from mother nature. Using a cycle diary and Ovatel can help you get more a definitive ETA on ovulation.

A Woman Can Get Pregnant Only on One Day of Her Cycle

Ladies? Are you listening? We want you to remember this key phrase, alright? Five-Day-Fertile-Window. That’s—count em!—one, two, three, four, FIVE days in which you can get knocked-up.

“When a couple decides it’s time to try to conceive, the first step is to use a fertility monitor such as Ovatel. Once you have found your fertile window, which is the 5 days leading up to ovulation, couples should have intercourse once every 24 hours for the entire 5 day fertile window to try to conceive.” Says Dr. Peress, “If after 3 months you are unsuccessful, I recommend visiting your doctor with your MyCycleDiary chart to talk about testing for possible conditions that could be inhibiting conception.”
Bravo, ladies! You have all the right answers. Now somebody tell your husband that.

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