The Art of Lunar Fertility

For centuries we have been looking up to the Heavens for inspiration and science. It has been long proven that the Moon has a great influence on the human body in many ways. It also affects the menstruation cycles of women. At a specific time each lunar cycle, a woman will be more likely to release an egg than any other time.

The lunar cycle can be calculated by locating the sun and moon at the time of one’s birth. Once the Sun-Moon angle is known, as well as the Moon sign, then the lunar day can be noted. Most lunar fertility charts will give you a lunar fertility window to make the most of your conception opportunity.

Understanding Lunar and Biological Cycles

With most women using some form of hormonal birth control, very few women are naturally in sync with their lunar cycle. The best way to know if your lunar fertility window is the same, or different, than your biological cycle, is to use an ovulation prediction kit such as Ovatel.

If your cycles are not in sync, you do not have to worry. Many women will ovulate more than once per cycle – once during their lunar cycle and once during their biological. We have all heard of women getting pregnant on their periods or when they should have been infertile biologically. They were probably in their lunar fertility window.

It is the days up leading up to ovulation that make up the fertility window during a biological cycle, as well as your lunar cycle. The fertility window is when you should be timing intercourse to be sure that you have the most sperm ready and waiting for the egg.

Peak Fertility Months

Lunar fertility can tell women when they are most likely to get and stay pregnant. While there is always a chance that a woman can get pregnant if she is not using birth control, certain months are better than others. These are called peak fertility months.

During a peak fertility month, the lunar fertility window would also contain the same element of the Moon sign. The moon spends 2 ½ days, approximately, in each of the 12 Zodiac signs. When the Moon is in your moon sign or the other 2 signs of the Zodiac that are the same element, you are most fertile. This peak fertility month will offer the highest success rate of conception. Depending on the year, a woman can have between 3 to 6 peak fertility months each year. The amount and when they occur will change each year as well.

During the other lunar cycles there is still a chance of conception. It is just lower and less likely to happen. Some scholars will tell women to be careful during non-peak months, as there are higher miscarriage rates with these cycles when pregnancy does occur.

Lunar Fertility and Sex Determination

Couples all over the world try to sway to a particular gender. They try foods, sex timing, and all sorts of odd methods to sway one way or the other. The best that any of these methods has done is shift the odds of getting the right gender to 60/40. Lunar fertility can help couples with sex determination to a much higher degree. There is up to a 93% success rate when using lunar fertility to choose gender or predict it.

Each sign of the Zodiac is either masculine or feminine. When the lunar day falls in a male sign, you will have a boy. When it falls in a female sign, you will get a girl. This may sound odd, but many scientists have also proven that this is to be true. The egg’s membrane at the time of ovulation can either have a slight positive or negative charge, depending on the Moon’s location at ovulation. The membrane of each sperm will also have a charge to it. If the two charges of sperm and egg are the same, they will repel and the sperm will not be able to get in. If they are opposite, they will attract.

If the egg has a + charge than + or male, Y, bearing sperm will not be able to approach the egg. So the – or female (X) sperm will be drawn into the egg and a female child is the result. If the egg has a – charge than the + or male (X) sperm with be draw in and a male child will result. So, if fertilization occurs during a + moon phase, a boy is the most likely result. If fertilization happens during a – moon phase, a girl is the most likely outcome.

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