The Conception Combination – Ovatel and Pre-Seed

When it comes to conception, there are ways to improve your chances of getting pregnant each month. Very few women are familiar with their cycles and rarely do they know when they are ovulating. It is a myth that ovulation happens in the middle of a cycle. That only happens if you have a 28-30 day cycle. If it is longer or shorter, then the time will vary.

Timing is the key to falling pregnant fast. You must time intercourse for the days leading up to ovulation so that there is sperm waiting for the egg. Since the egg only lives for 12-24 hours, having an entire army waiting in there is crucial for winning this war.

The Amazing Duo

When are first starting your TTC adventure, you want to make sure you time everything right and that your body is in perfect working condition. Ovatel is a fertility microscope that monitors fertility. When you are using it each day, you will be able to track whether or not ovulation is approaching. Once you see the ferning patter that suggests that your estrogen is beginning to peak, you would then start timing intercourse. Timing is the first battle.

The second battle is the battle of the unknown. The vagina is not a very sperm friendly place. It is the first defense to protecting the womb from foreign invaders. Once a month, when a woman is most fertile, her cervical mucus will change. It will become sperm friendly and actually help he sperm leave the hostility of the vagina and get into the cervical canal. The problem is that you do not know if your cervical mucus is sperm friendly or not. There is a test called a post the post coidal test, but rarely do doctors do this unless it has been over a year with no pregnancy.

To be safe, you will want to take matters into your own hands. Pre-Seed is a sperm friendly lubricant that is water based. It creates a safe place for sperm by regulating the pH of the vagina to the right level, providing the sperm with a slippery surface to travel fast away from the antibodies that are in the woman’s body. Using Pre-Seed will give you the peace of mind that you are creating a perfect environment internally for conception.

How to Use Your Ovatel and Pre-Seed

Using your Ovatel fertility scope and Pre-Seed lubricant is actually quite easy. You will want to be sure to use the scope each and every day. If you do not, you could miss your fertility window. Each day, place a drop of saliva on the microscope window. Allow the sample to dry for at least 10 minutes. Do not dry it by using artificial means, as it will ruin the results. Once it is dry you will look into the scope in a light source. If you see the ferning pattern, then you know it is time to have sex.

Pre-Seed is a very slippery lubricant. The truth is that less is more when it comes to using it. Too much can take away the natural friction of intercourse. Using the applicator, fill the tube with a very small amount, or place a tiny amount on a clean finger. Apply the lube into the vagina. This will adjust your vaginal pH to approximately 7 and allow for sperm to travel easy into the cervical canal.

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